Improving With Age

WITH AGE COMES WISDOM - Age is an extraordinairy process where you become the person you always should have been - If you want a better 2nd half of life by getting fresh insights & different perspectives? This is the community for you.


Moving beyond the norms to create a Utopian future 
The future depends on what you do today 
Revolutionising fitness with strong foundations

Just as the 3 little pigs built houses with weak foundations if you fail to build your fitness on strong cerebral values, virtues and good character at the first sign of huff n puff from the big bad wolves of life issues – normal fitness collapses. I have seen it often. Flexarian fitness creates a blue print that makes your fitness lifestyle sutainable as just one part of a strong character that see the big picture and cruises through the good times and the bad. Not only becoming wolf proof but inspiring the rest of your endeavours. I can honestly say my fitness values rescued me from the big bad wolf at a time in my life when I considered life not worth living. My FLEXARIAN FITNESS values saved my life. Fitness is more than a series of secret exercises and good eating habits (that is just a small part – level 1 if you like) and there are no secret exercises just strong characters. Success is a state of mind that endures throughout life and the most important things you will ever build in life are your values, virtues and a developed character to be proud of. The great body is a by-product of your overall personality and character. If there is a secret it is that fact and a flexible open minded approach(flexarian) to life in general.


Maverick Minds 
think, create narrative and meaning, remember the past and imagine the future.
Faith is invested in a Utopian future being better in one way or another.

*Narrow minded people gossip*
*Mediocre minds talk about stuff (and gossip)*
*Truly open minds are curious join the idea orgies community and discuss and share diverse and rebel ideas*
*Flexarians have faith that the change will be better in one way or another*

Idea Orgies Blog

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Don’t Take Life Too Seriously As None Of Us Is Getting Out Alive

My life is good. And if I don’t like it I can change stuff as much as I like. But, the fact is our internal state of mind is the controller.

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How To Live A Life That Sustains Enthusiasm & Makes Existence Worthwhile?

The way to feel better is to live a worthy life – Primarily by sustaining enthusiasm and making the gift of existence worthwhile upon deep reflection. This is more easily attained with small moments with those you are with at this moment

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How Has Your Appearance Affected Your Life?

How Has Your Appearance Affected Your Life? No Complaints – Just another example of “Living The Learning“. We are all under tremendous pressure to be accepted, when we are young[…]

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