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Don’t Take Life Too Seriously As None Of Us Is Getting Out Alive

My life is good. And if I don’t like it I can change stuff as much as I like. But, the fact is our internal state of mind is the controller.

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How To Live A Life That Sustains Enthusiasm & Makes Existence Worthwhile?

The way to feel better is to live a worthy life – Primarily by sustaining enthusiasm and making the gift of existence worthwhile upon deep reflection. This is more easily attained with small moments with those you are with at this moment

How Has Your Appearance Affected Your Life?

How Has Your Appearance Affected Your Life? No Complaints – Just another example of “Living The Learning“. We are all under tremendous pressure to be accepted, when we are young – we care so much about it. The good news is that as we age we tend to care less. But, we still care more…
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Developing Character Strengths and Virtues in the Gym

Moving Beyond The Physical – the gym as a testing center for mind-body excellence Self Mastery & Compassion If there are two moral attitudes that are needed to counteract the greed and narcissism of our times the attitudes would certainly be self-mastery and compassion. This would entail the ability to read emotions in others and…
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A Bit Of A Rant – More Rebel Than Zen Today!

WHAT DOES IT ALL COME DOWN TO ONCE WE WADE THROUGH THE PILES OF BULL S***? – FUCK THE LIFE PURPOSE! WHAT ARE MY REASONS FOR LIVING? How often are we told that for life to be more satisfying that we need to find our life purpose? And how many of us subsequently feel like…
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A Blessing Or A Curse? Not Always Easy To Know.

Emotions Are Relative To Where We Are Now There are times when the same situation viewed from a different position in life with a different state of mind, all by the same person can seem like either a blessing or a curse. I will give an example of a lesson from my life concerning my…
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Taking Time Out to Wonder at the Beauty in this World May Recharge the Valuable Energy That Daily Anxiety and Stress takes Away

Recharging Our Humanity Once we have become aware of the constraints our lives operate under and where our freedom to progress can be found we can move on to progressing within those constraints through the wonderful life opportunities that allow us to balance our egoic minds. Reconnection is one such avenue to be explored. Living…
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Imagine! Everyone has finally achieved the media-driven, largely fake and photoshopped look. Is everybody happy now?

Every man, woman and child identical. Is that perfection? Who decides and why do we let them manipulate our perception? Perfection or the ideal of perfection, whose ideal exactly is the perfect human beings strive so hard to attain. Well without apportioning any blame the ideologies and images which portray perfection to us need to…
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Make Life Interesting And Even Magical – Read More & Read Diverse!

Arguably The Greatest Character Strength To Develop Is Curiosity Which Becomes A Superpower When Coupled With A Love Of Learning. – Make Life Interesting And Even Magical – Read More & Read Diverse! For learning lovers – reading comes first because as far as I am concerned if I had not rediscovered reading I would…
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Its Okay To Be Slightly Different

Walking The Path Less Taken Growing up it’s always the differences that we fear in ourselves and tend to ridicule in others. We are a cruel species. There seems to be a comfort in being exactly like everyone else or being different in a conformist way such as punks, goths, teddy boys etc. etc. It…
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