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Beware! The higher the highs the lower the lows.

It is 4 am on a very chilly Autumn morning. Once more the day holds little appeal for me. I will be alone most of the day because it is yet another lock-down period and Julie works for the N.H.S. and currently works 7 days a week. Weekends have vanished from our reality for the time being.

A great day

I say to myself “today will be a great day” as I have read on numerous occasions it is a good habit for those prone to depression to adopt. My depressed and resistant shadow replies “Yeah Whatever!”. I then try another “May I be happy, may I be well, may I be filled with love kindness and peace”. This also comes highly recommended.

Talking to myself

I am talking to myself. I now feel depressed and as crazy as a bag of desperate frogs for having the slightest faith in these cliche methods for lifting the spirits of the grumpiest of those among us. But wait a moment! I gauge my mood for the briefest moment and maybe there is some hope. It is faint but it is there.

Seems like magic

I think to myself “there must be some truth in these cliche behaviours for them to endure”. Maybe it is like magic and one has to believe in it for it to be effective – there is also an alleged price to be paid for magic. Anyway, on with the task of enthusing myself for the day. Zing, Zen, Smudge and Titch (dogs) are excited and pleased I am up and are waiting to join Julie on the 9ft bed which I have vacated. I let them in and they jump on the bed excitedly burying themselves in the covers around Julie. I close the door again and search for my 5xl fluffy leopard skin onesie with my half-asleep bleary eyes.

A giant baby-grow

Adult onesie in place I head downstairs to the kettle to make tea. My mood is still dark but maybe, just maybe there are some discernable chinks of light in the darkness. As I write here only moments later even picturing a miserable-looking man in an oversized leopard skin onesie would be worth a smile. But not even that can raise a smile from the depths.

Okay for another day

Tea made, I settle in a recliner by a small heater. I play a motivational soul playlist through some headphones and begrudgingly begin to write to the sounds of Otis Redding’s dock of the bay. As I write the dark mists slowly begin to rise. Before I have finished my first cup of tea and ironically to the sounds of Smokey Robinson and tears of a clown I know deep inside I will be okay for another day.


What magic happened to lift my spirits? As you read here there were many factors, my dogs, the tea, soul music, my onesie and much more. However, what actually brought it all together was the act of writing down the scene and thoughts involved this turned me into the observer and injected life into the mundane habit that many of us seem to adopt of rising as Mr and Mrs Grumpy in the mornings. We have more choice than we generally acknowledge once we shift our perspective from being lost in the moment to becoming a conscious observer of our lives. Even joking about depressive moments can help to gain some perspective.

Life is good

My life is good. And if I don’t like it I can change stuff as much as I like. But, the fact is our internal state of mind is the controller. We all have times when we love music and people and situations and we also have those moments when the exact same music people and situations aggravate us. The only difference is our internal state of mind and even the knowledge and acceptance that we will experience both moments is a giant step towards balancing our states of mind. The sweet spot is somewhere in the middle neither too up nor too down when it comes to moods. This is the Flexarian way. When I come across an overly excited person or child I am always conscious that they will be coming down at some time so LOOK OUT! More importantly, I am also aware of that probability in myself and as the saying goes “forewarned is forearmed”.

I hasten to add that in my experience if we chase the positive moments too hard and with methods that are dubious such as drugs, consuming and any addictive behaviours – we ultimately end up experiencing deeper and deeper troughs.

Beware! The higher the highs the lower the lows.

Thanks – Adam x


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