A Bit Of A Rant – More Rebel Than Zen Today!

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How often are we told that for life to be more satisfying that we need to find our life purpose?

And how many of us subsequently feel like failures because we can’t actually think of any life purpose that is tailored to who we think we are? So we go out to do charity work and help old ladies across the road whether they like it or not.

So we create another mask to wear – our spiritual goody-goody mask – created by the same egoic mind that creates the – Whoops! My halo slipped again – mask. Do you get the picture?

We try so hard to be “the best version” of ourselves that we are told to be. How can we do that when we have no clue as to what the hell we are doing. And. just to confuse things we have no clue that we have no clue about what we are doing. We think we are fully conscious of all of our actions.

We are not! We are a fraction of a second behind our subconscious mind and then our conscious mind justifies our actions in very creative and believable ways. Our subconscious mind runs our lives.

No longer curious and accept whatever we are fed

Very few of us even read books or bother to educate ourselves past school age. It must be a life long endeavour. Or we are controlled by the media and social gossip forums that know very little about the real world but love to be right about everything. But are mostly wrong and are not in the slightest bit interested in any ideas that are not what they are peddling at that time.

  • Narrow-minded people gossip*
  • Mediocre minds talk about stuff (and gossip)*
  • Truly open minds are curious to join the idea orgies community and discuss and share diverse and rebel ideas*
  • Flexarians have faith that the change will be better in one way or another*

What are we up against in reality

There are two main players in our behaviours – Natural selection & Cultural programming – If you want to change your life you need to understand and manage your natural tendencies and your cultural conditioning. Or forever be a victim. It is both nature and nurture that take away your freedom. It should be seen as a game and the Flexarian attitude is one of finding the sweet spots and evolving what you are towards progress and a more satisfying life.

We are complicated

We just do what we are told to do while our true nature sneers at us behind our backs and waits for the perfect moment to reveal our insincerity to the world. Until we become fully aware of the forces at work we will only ever be automatons. This is perhaps the hardest step to take. To admit we know nothing and stop being the “know it all’s” that most of us base our identities on. Including myself!

More complicated than we could ever know

The result is that we all walk around spouting bullshit about making a difference and denying what and who we really are in some vain attempt to be something we are conned into believing we are supposed to be. We can be great human beings but only when we get to know ourselves. Knowing ourselves is a project for a lifetime and who we are reflects out into the world. Change begins and ends with personal development. As each human unit improves so does the human collective. What we observe happening in the world out there is what is happening in each and every one of us personally.

This can be simplified into 2 life tasks below which have been sold to us as mutually exclusive. They are not. One does not have to choose between individualism and collectivism and their separation has never gone well but still prevails in our politics. Left-wing is thought of as collectivist and right ring is thought of as individualist. Both are the Flexarian way. The only way that makes any sense. When both are combined the sweet spot is to be found.

  1. Self Creation
  2. Responsibility to the community

Becoming aware of what you are

We are all to some degree slaves to our genes often to the detriment of living life in the 21st century. Not designed for our satisfaction or happiness only the furtherance of our evolution and success in the gene pool. Accepting that there are forces controlling us behind our backs is both a sobering thought and part of the solution to gaining some semblance of freedom from our selfish genes. We think we are consciously living our lives whilst most of the time we are explaining why we behave the way we do after the fact. Neuroscience backs this up. We are like a double act, one part of which behaves and acts as they wish according to natural selection and the other part is the public relations person explaining our actions and getting them in some semblance of order that is acceptable to both ourselves and others.

The first step in finding motivation and a good reason to live a satisfying life is a brutally honest reality check. Most of the human race never get beyond this stage, finding it impossible to admit that subconscious actions control their lives. Why do we behave like we do and how much control over our behaviour do we have?

Not everybody is what they seem! Maybe nobody is what they seem.

Good start!

Once we understand that gene health and survival is still the biggest factor in our smart monkey lives we can then begin to develop strategies to understand our motivation. It doesn’t have to be this way.

A good hard look at yourself

Once we have reproduced and ensured our life long reputation and some financial security where does our motivation for living come from as we mature and reach the second part of our lives. There are distractions, attachments and addictions that can give short term satisfaction. I believe this is where most of us are now. We all have our addictions and attachments and the accepted as normal ones are the most dangerous as there is very little motivation to move past them. Such as excessive shopping (consumption), computer games and social media and television use. But there has to be a deeper way to motivate and there must be reasons to live a satisfying life away from booze, drugs, constantly consuming and the many technological induced trances such as television and mobile phones.

More questions and each answer original for each of us

How can we feel like alpha male and female until the day we pass on to the next great mystery? How do we avoid sitting in the corner waiting to die while life goes on all around us? We may be finished with one part of our lives but there is another chapter about to be written and it might be an idea to start preparing for any and all eventualities.

What are our reasons for living once we have ticked most of natural selection’s boxes?

How do we become masters of our own personal universe?

Can we play the game of life and become more free?

Getting to know yourself

Maybe to rise above our natures is what the next stage is for humanity. We have begun and there are many good signs but the key to it all is self-awareness. To fully tame the beast inside. In a word humans need to be house trained for the 21st century and beyond. At this moment in time we have sleeping egoic minds ruling the world. The world is doomed as long as unfettered egoic minds are at the helm. This must end and soon. Awareness is the start of awakening and the snowball effect through hard work will take care of the rest. Some of the most dangerous egoic minds are running our countries. Now there is a sobering thought.

Just watching Donald Trump we can see his subconscious mind leading him on and he bumbles on behind it with his foot in his mouth. There are few human beings where it is more obvious. Did he really say that out loud? Could be his catchphrase. There are countless other world leaders that do not fare much better. With their shadow sides leading them down the garden path. It would be funny if they were not endowed with so much power to control the lives of others.

Flexarian blogs look at a number of reasons to live a good satisfying life when we are running out of motivation. Mostly because it is such an amazingly awesome challenge veiled in mystery. In fact, This entire site is about that. I am searching for meaning every day and I will share my thoughts here with you. Agree or disagree, but get those brains in gear and start to control how your life is lived and make it good and satisfying.

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Adam Senex -x-