Imagine! Everyone has finally achieved the media-driven, largely fake and photoshopped look. Is everybody happy now?

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Every man, woman and child identical. Is that perfection? Who decides and why do we let them manipulate our perception?

Perfection or the ideal of perfection, whose ideal exactly is the perfect human beings strive so hard to attain. Well without apportioning any blame the ideologies and images which portray perfection to us need to be unattainable, that way we all continue to spend our money on attempting to achieve the impossible or at least the photoshopped. The media and associated industries need us to be dissatisfied.

Strive for Originality, not perfection

Many of us shown and told what is perfect by experts with much to gain from our agreement and the need to change our image. We swallow it hook line and sinker. Brainwashed – but we can decide what we see once we get the vital point that it is our minds that give meaning (essence) to the things out in the world. There is nothing out there without our minds filling in the emptiness.

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder

Let us look at perfection in a different way. If man had a hand in designing nature which he often does with his landscaped gardens, all would be symmetry, straight lines, ordered colours and uniformity in appeal. Try to imagine a single tree designed by man and then a forest of those trees with accompanying flora and man-designed wildlife. Have you got that image? Now think of the rain forest with all the seemingly random shapes, colours, sizes, the amazing waterfalls and diverse wildlife. Which is more perfect for you? Without doubt, Mother Nature can never be surpassed even when a man has the plans and blueprint she remains unsurpassed. So, this would indicate that man’s idea of perfection is never as perfect as A Mother Nature original. Then maybe we would conclude that man’s idea of perfection is always a pale imitation of the original.

Celebrate difference and diversity

Now for a moment, holding the image of a man-made forest with identical symmetrical trees in nice neat rows, picture the main street in any town or city. Now imagine, the ideal body image for men and women portrayed in the media for this era, visualise everyone has finally achieved this look. Every man, woman and child identical. Is that perfection? Now imagine the same scene our creator’s way, all of us different, unique and happy that way. We can all be fit and strong but just the way we are shaped is our unique perfection.

We are created whole and perfect, then we tend to abuse that creation with poor nutrition habits and no exercise. We each have a genetic potential, which is perfect and fits our world as does every piece of the rain-forest jigsaw. The vision of perfection sold to us by the media is simply false and unrealistic. Perfection is surely reaching Mother Nature’s genetic potential for our unique self, through exercise, nutrition, peace of mind and good habits. We are already perfect creations but often we mess up that gift with poor and misguided lifestyle habits. Love who you are and be the best version possible of you (sorry cliche), not a media creation.

Next time you are wishing for that media created perfection, think, of the rain-forest or any of Mother Nature’s creations of which you are one and find your inspiration. Then find joy in the knowledge that the creator got it right and you can never be improved upon. Work every muscle in your body as nature intended, they are part of your body for a reason, to be used. Don’t store fuel (fat) you are unlikely to have any future need for that stored fuel.

Want what you have not what you don’t have

Get moving, get happy and laugh at society’s idea of what is ideal. Embrace your natural shape, exude confidence, love your wrinkles, hair and the natural colour of your teeth, and see ageing as the amazing time of life that it really is. Above all appreciate the whole of humanity as potentially perfect just the way they were created. Never lose sight of your perfection. We create the essence of things out in the world with our minds – how we see and interpret is the way we will see our apparent reality. If you want to see perfection in a rainy day – make it so. Change the story you tell yourself. Find your originality – your niche.

“We but half express ourselves and are ashamed of that divine idea which each of us represents………What I must do is all that concerns me, not what the people think… It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion… It is easy in solitude to live after our own…Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles” –

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

If we can apply this to our thoughts and actions, then maybe we will become the unique individuals we are intended to be and recognise the same in others and applaud individuality and the right to be different in all people. There are two social imperatives that matter 1. Self Creation 2. Community Responsibility. Nowhere does it state that everybody has to be the same and we should not be as original as possible as long as we are are not harming our community.

URGENT HEAD SCRATCHER! All That We See As Our Apparent Reality Is Formed In Our Minds – There Are No Things In Themselves! We have no way of knowing what reality is without our brains interacting with the world.

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